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Dyslexia what? Solved? You must be kidding, right? How can dyslexia be solved? The answer lies in a concept discovered by a very inquisitive doctor who also happens to be dyslexic. Many years ago, George Manilla, M.D. figured out a way to compensate for his disability, but he wasn’t sure how it actually worked. He read extensively about the neurological causes of dyslexia, but he knew that through his methods of visual compensation he could make his dyslexia go away. One day he decided to see if his methods would help others, and over the past 25 years he has helped hundreds of people “see” how he sees, and “read” how he reads. 

The solution is simple, and if you implement what has become known as the Reading Vision System, Dyslexia Solved! 

Download Our Journal Article titled "Dyslexia Solved"


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